The term „sabali“ originates from the west african language Bambara. It is often used on a daily basis, means as much as „be patient“ or „calm down“ and perfectly fits the peaceful mindset of the people in Mali.

Unfortunately many families live in acute poverty, do not have sufficient access to clean drinking water and medical supply. Mostly the finances for education do not suffice, which is why many children spend their days on the streets.

The association SABALI was founded at the end of 2013 with the goal of improving the living conditions in Mali in a sustainable and long-term way, particularly in and around the regions of the capital Bamako. Our regular projects include constructions and maintenance of wells and water pumps, the excavation of waterholes for the cultivation of the fields and the funding of school fees and school materials for children living in poverty. The funding of urgently needed medicines is also a part of our regular projects.

We rely on sponsorships, membership fees, vernissages, receipts of charity concerts and other events to raise the finances for the realization of our aid projects.

Thanks to our experiences on-site, the close co-operation and the regular contact with people of trust based in Mali, we learn exactly where and for which project money is most urgently needed. This leads to a quickly realization of the projects. Due to the instant transmission of receipts and bills, the handling of the finances is held transparent as much as possible. SABALI team members also travel to Mali on a regular basis to visit completed projects and to discuss, organise and supervise new projects.

Our Team

Matthias de Mink, Chairman
Matthias de Mink was born in 1987 in Freistadt/Upper Austria and has settled in Vienna since 2007. In 2010 he successfully completed an audio-engineering training at the SAE Technology Institute in Vienna and has been a free-lance audio-engineer and music producer ever since. In 2014 Matthias completed an additional pedagogical training as a children-group supervisor. He studies Cultural- and Socialanthropology and African studies at the University of Vienna. In 2011 Matthias decided on his first journey to Mali. He voluntary worked in an orphanage for 3 months and became acquainted with the everyday life of the people in Mali. The hospitality, the joy of life and the peaceful mindset of the people, who try to overcome their everyday lives as positively and free of conflicts despite their poverty, left him with great admiration. On this first journey he became close friends with Paul Traore, with whom our aid projects are realised today.

Ever since then Matthias has been in Mali regularly, whereby he always resides with local families and becomes more and more acquainted with their daily lives, the problems, the language (Bambara) and the people.

Altanshagai Tamir, Vice Chairwoman
Altanshagai Tamir was born in 1991 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and has been living in Vienna since 2008. She studies Tourism-Management at the FHWien. She enjoys spending her free-time in the social field out of personal convictions and thus joined the association SABALI.

Markus Smejkal, Secretary
Markus Smejkal was born in 1988 in Freistadt, Upper Austria and grew up in Sandl. After his graduation in Freistadt he moved to Vienna in 2007 and is studying Sociology at the University of Vienna ever since. He is the secretary of the association and hopes on doing his bits furthermore on improving the living conditions in Mali.

Manuel Hostalek, Assistant Secretary
Manuel grew up in the district Freistadt, Upper Austria and has been in Vienna since 2008, due to his studies of Technical Chemistry. An association for the support of the ones in need is a good thing for Manuel and SABALI gives him the opportunity to learn association-related work at first-hand. It is always a pleasure for him when SABALI starts a new project and above all successfully completes it, as well as seeing the resulting improvements for the people in Mali.

Georg Seyerl, Treasurer
Georg Seyerl was born in 1989 in Freistadt, Upper Austria and spent his childhood there until his graduation from the Musikhauptschule in 2003. After his training of 5 years at the HTL and the resulting residence in a boardingschool in Linz, Georg completed his civilian service in the hospital of Freistadt. 2009 he began his studies of Meteorolgy at the University of Vienna and discovered his interest for glaciers during his semesters abroad on spitsbergs. As a balance to this technical and scientific life he decided to support SABALI and help the people in Mali.

Felix Kregl, Assistant Treasurer
Felix Kregl was born in 1989 in Freistadt, Upper Austria and grew up there. He studies European Ethnology at the University of Vienna. He started being active in different youth organizations earlier on. Hence it was important for him to also get socially engaged in Vienna and with SABALI he found the right choice.

Paul Traore
Paul was born on the 18th of May in 1988 in Bamako and grew up in the district Banakabougou. A special feature in his family is the great occurence of albinism, from which not only himself, but his mother and his 8 siblings are also affected. Being confronted by the poverty in his home since his childhood days, he quickly learns that change can only be achieved by hard work and commitment. Paul goes to elementary and middleschool in Bamako, graduates from school with 18 and successfully completes his studies in Theology. Already during his schooldays he supported the construction of a center for streetchildren in Bamako, where he still is an important employee and is responsible for diverse and organizational tasks on-site. Driven by the desire of enabling a better life for his fellow people, he is always supporting NPO’s on their aid-projects and can show a lot of experience in this field.

Beside his social commitment, music is a great passion of his. He sings, writes songs and released his first studio-album in 2016.

In addition, Paul played a leading role in 2014 in a socially critical, Malian sitcom.

Paul is an essential co-worker in the association SABALI. As our man at the site he registers our sponsored children on time for school, arbitrates and translates for construction projects and makes an important contribution to the transparency of the bills. Through his many contacts to the people in the city and the surrounding villages, he informs us in emergencies and grievances on-site.