Association activities
In order to keep the activities on-site coordinated and transparent, we have an executive team from SABALI in Austria, which was elected on the first general meeting held on the 23rd of July in 2014. The executive team and other members take care of the tasks, which come up when managing an association. A log for financial records is kept, the member database is held up to date, protocols and reports are written, applications and forms are submitted to authoroties etc. In addition to that, public relations work is also done and most importantly, we keep in touch with our people of trust in order to be informed of all necessary steps and changes on-site.

Information booths
To increase our level of awareness for the association, we try to attend events with an information booth as often as possible. During these events members of the association are present and inform interested parties about our activities. Beside the diverse information materials, handcrafted products from Mali, as well the self-made products by supporters from Austria are offered for voluntary donations. Our youngest supporters are given both the opportunity of crafting little things or drawing and painting.

Visit our Facebook page SABALI to keep up-to-date.

Punsch Stands
Since December 2013, when the first Punch-Stand took place in „Kulturraum Neruda“ in Vienna, it became one of our traditions. Beside punch and warm meals, handcrafted accessoires (jewelry, key rings etc.) from Mali are offered, a photo-slideshow is shown to give the attendants an insight into the daily life of the people there and a speech is held, in which we inform about our activities and goals. The total income goes to the association. At this point we would like to share our gratitute to the team of Kulturraum Neruda for their big support!

Charity Concerts
Charity concerts are an essential income-resource of our association. Each year we organize events, with the active support of local, as well as international artists and DJ’s from several regions from Austria.

Shoe cleaning campaign
Within the framework of an aid campaign, the then forth grade of the Music Middleschool in Freistadt equipped themselves with shoe finish and gathered money, which was donated to the association SABALI for support. Due to this great work of these commited, young people we were able to finance the school education for two children in Mali.

With the selfmade calendars of the association we aim to give our supporters and interested parties in Austria an insight to the living environment of the people in Mali. All pictures in the calendar are made by our chairman Matthias de Mink, during his annual stays in Mali. This gives our supporters also the chance of following the developtment of the regions and activities of our association.

For the first time, our association offers Bio-and Fairtrade T-Shirts with an own design. We would like to thank the young artist KVSH once more for his unique, beautiful Design!