"Education is one of the main keys to development.
It is for this reason why we attempt to give children with disadvanted circumstances the possibility to school education."

The streets of Mali are full of joyful, creative and motivated children. For the majority of them, however, the access to education is prohibited because:

The best possible education for our supported children is of high importance to us. For this purpose, most of our sponsored children attend the "Rosey Abantara" , which is considered as one of the best schools in Bamako.
Children who live in a far distance from "Rosey Abantara" attend the best possible schools in their area.

Compared to other Malian schools „Rosey Abantara“ is renowned for its high standards of teaching and well-trained educators. Aside from a library, a biological laboratory with modern equipment, computing lessons as well as regular field trips are a part of the everyday school life. The association SABALI is in direct contact to the school, which enables the data transfer of every child.

Aside from the schoolfees, the required school uniforms, sports wear, school materials and expenses of field trips are funded. The costs for the registration of street children at the authorities, doctor's fees and medical expenses, in case of illness, are also financed by the association.

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“Since Paul-Henri Carnal founded Le Rosey in 1880, the School has been dedicated to providing a comprehensive and demanding education, fostering the development of the complete individual in a residential community, and promoting tolerance, respect, and the highest academic and personal standards.”
-"Rosey Foundation"